Ad Vanderveen Release Independent Release: 18 May 2021
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Amsterdam-based contemporary folk singer songwriter Ad Vanderveen has announced his upcoming album entitled 'Release', due May 18 on all platforms. Lead single and title track 'Release' is out March 25. Emotive vocals, relatable lyricism and well-crafted arrangements make up this new collection from the soul-searching songwriting veteran.

About 'Release':
The latest album 'Release' contains ten new original songs in an organic production - not stripped down like the predecessor 'Treasure Keepers' - but stil built around a basis of vocal and acoustic guitar, accompanied by a sparse but effective rhythm section of drums and bass, electric (slide) guitar, piano, banjo, and adorned with string arrangements and harmony vocals.

Early reactions from connoisseurs say the record is characterized by "very purposeful and poetic, relatable lyrics", and "really deep songs with a lot of musical variety".

The musical style echoes roots and influences from the 1970s - Neil Young, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Townes van Zandt and other Texas troubadours come to mind.

The lyrical content touches on themes any grown-up could relate to, like perspectives on transience, love, life and loss, social engagement and personal growth.

'Release' will be streaming on all digital platforms and CD's will be available in May 2021 via

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More Info:
Artist Name: Ad Vanderveen
Location: Amsterdam , The Netherlands
Release Title: Release
Release Date: May 18 (album) March 25 (single)
Label: Independent
Musician Names/Instruments: AV: vocal, guitars, piano, harmonica / Kersten de Ligny: harmony vocal / Pete Fisher: bass / Michael Kay: drums, percussion / The Neil James Morrison Ensemble: strings.
Producer Name(s): Pete Fisher, Ad Vanderveen.
Genre(s): Contemporary Folk, Americana, Singer-songwriter, Acoustic
Tracklist:1 Release
2 One Last Song
3 Always The Next
4 Dared To Dream
5 Wildfire
6 Fickle Mind
7 Nothing But A Dream
8 Garden Of Home
9 Ol' 56
10 Thank You

Press Quotes: 
Ad Vanderveen's music transcends any singular tradition courtesy of his deeply melodious music, his deft instrumental interplay and a rich, resonant vocal. With the sparse settings, the music is both expressive and introspective, all the more reason to lean in and listen.
Lee Zimmerman, Goldmine Magazine 2020

You get the impression that Vanderveen never had ambitions to be a household name. More important to him has been his carefully measured and refined writing, always without compromise.  He has achieved this once again, another delightful chapter of stories, impressively put to music. Review by Declan Culliton – Lonesome Highway

"I first encounterded Dutchman Ad Vanderveen's songs on More Than A Song, a very nicely produced song pull with old friends Iain Matthews and Eliza Gilkyson. Fine as MTAS is it didn't quite prepare me for AV's solo work. Ad Vanderveen stretches impressively as a songwriter and performer in several directions. Oddly the specter of Neil Young hovers over his music. Hey, if you want to borrow, borrow from the best! But don't take this NY tribute thing too far; Vanderveen is clearly his own man, an excellent musician on a variety of instruments and a songwriter to take note of. His songs have evolved their own voice". Michael Tearson, Sing Out! Magazine.

Ad Vanderveen is a singer / songwriter whose music is steeped in the folk / roots genre. Although born in Hilversum, Holland he has Canadian parentage. He plied his trade in many bands before finding his own voice as a solo artist in the early 90's. He has worked with many top performers including  Al Kooper, Al Perkins, Leland SKlar, Herman Brood, Flaco Jiminez, Iain Matthews, Eliza Gilkyson, Eric Anderson, John Gorka and David Olney to name but a few.

An invitation by Van Morrison to be his opening act is a compliment any singer songwriter would be proud of. Such was the positive impression Ad Vanderveen's 2017 album WORLDS WITHIN made on Van the Man, that this gesture was made by him and gratefully accepted.

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Artist Biography:

Ad Vanderveen 
has earned a reputation as one of the finest singer/songwriters in the contemporary folk and roots genre. Although born a Dutchman (Hilversum, 1956), half his family are Canadian and it's this part of the world his musical roots can be traced to.
Since the days before it was called Americana Ad has been exploring his songwriting muse through a mixture of rock 'n' roll, folk and country, working in many bands before finding his own voice as a solo artist in the early 90s.
Since then Ad has built up an impressive catalog of 20+ solo CDs and numerous side projects, working with many great musicians all over the world such as: Al Kooper, Al Perkins, Leland Sklar, Herman Brood, Flaco Jimenez, Iain Matthews, Eliza Gilkyson, Eric Andersen, David Olney, to drop a few names.
Recently in 2017, after hearing Vanderveen's latest album 'Worlds Within', none other than Van Morrison, invited him as an opening act.

Ad Vanderveen 's live and record performances have garnered him high praise from critics as well as from a long list of renowned colleagues.

"AD VANDERVEEN; What an excellent singer and songwriter! His songs and his singing carve their own niche in the canon of American song". Record producer and writer Joe Boyd

" Ad Vanderveen sings with understated but real emotion. He is an inventive guitarist. He writes with true poetic sensibility. Yet he never sings or plays to merely show off. His music has an honesty and humility that is remarkable". Singer/songwriter David Olney

" Ad Vanderveen; How did a Dutch guy inherit the soul of Americana? He is the real thing, a musical adventurer with the true gift of total musicianship. It's not just that he can write, sing and play his instrument with total versatility and command of his's that he draws from the deepest water in the well, the music that speaks of the spirit and the quest for self understanding". Singer/songwriter Eliza Gilkyson

" AV's songs are life itself. No hidden agendas and no punches pulled. He has both the love and adoration of his growing army of convertees and the unwavering respect of his peers". Singer/songwriter Iain Matthews

" Ad Vanderveen's melodic and heartfelt songs slip into your mind like a brand new friend you feel like you've already known for years". Singer/songwriter/novelist Richard Dobson

AD VANDERVEEN-What beautiful songs this man writes. Hailed as one of new folk and roots finest singer-songwriters, Dutch-born, Canadian-raised Ad Vanderveen utterly captivates with expressive, yet steady guitar-led numbers; the swells of harmonica and undercurrent of female harmony underline the songs' poetic potency. Maverick Magazine, UK