Rock of Asia Asian Anthology Independent Release: 7 April 2021
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I'm thrilled to introduce you to one of rock, folk, and Japanese music's boldest talents. Rock of Asia, the folk/rock/fusion project spearheaded by Japanese musician Nikki Matsumoto, is stamping it's own wholly original imprint on rock and roll, incorporating rich tradition, fearless activism and an indomitable spirit.

About Rock of Asia:
Rock of Asia is a folk/rock/fusion project orchestrated by a Japanese born artist, Nikki Matsumoto. Nikki spent 15 years in Los Angeles playing and writing rock music professionally. Rock Of Asia was created in 2010 and it toured in US in 2010, the Middle East in 2012 and 2019. The new album is the best album from the 3 releases commemorating the 10th anniversary of its first release on March 11th 2011. By the way, the great North Japan Earthquake and Tsunami happened on this day.

This is the music video to prove it.

Stream or purchase Rock of Asia's "Asian Anthology" album on Bandcamp.

Watch the official music video for "Lal Dhaga". 

More Info:
Artist Name: Rock Of Asia
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Release Title: Asian Anthology
Release Date: Apr.7, 2021
Label: Independent

Musician Names/Instruments:
Nikki Matsumoto (Vocals, Biwa, Guitars, Bass, Sanshin, Percussions, Taiko)
Yasuhisa Murase (Acoustic Guitar)
Kizen Ohyama (Shakuhachi)
Kay Suzuki (Violin)
Kouzan Oyama (Shamisen)
& others

Producer Name(s): Nikki Matsumoto
Similar/RIYL: None
Genre(s): Folk Rock, Acoustic, Japanese

1   Lal Dhaga (4:36)
2   Solitary Friend (4:35)
3   Belief (4:13)
4   Guardian Of The Sea (3:26)
5   MIKOTO (5:54)
6   Kojo No Tsuki  (3:00)
7   Vision Led On (4:40)
8   Ocean (4:18)
9   The Parallel (5:36)
10  Nanimo Shirazu Tada (4:52)
11  The Unsaid (4:13)
12  FUNATO (5:34)
13  The Son (3:52)
14  The Daughter (4:03) -Bonus Track-

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Artist Biography:

-Nikki Matsumoto (Vocals, Biwa, Guitar) :

Born in Tokyo, Japan. He formed his first rock band at the age of 14. Moved to California when he was 18, and played with American musicians in Los Angeles area throughout mid 80’s and 90’s. The main brain behind Rock Of Asia. A composer, lyricist, vocalist, producer, plays guitar, biwa, bass, keyboards, etc..

Also an activist and volunteer, the founder of NGO "Others 1st Initiative" and director of "Japan Palestine Friendship Association".

Right after the Tsunami hit the Northern part of Japan in 2011, he immediately reached out to the victims and spent months in Iwate , one of the hardest hit areas, helping people.

In 2014, he released solo CD "Palestine On My Mind" dedicated to the people of Palestine. He has met the president Abbas and other top officials of Palestinian Authority and presented the CD.

He believes that people are the same everywhere in the world. Music is a great tool to make people get united and Rock Of Asia can prove it.