Ad Vanderveen Candle to You Independent Release: 21 January 2022
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"Candle to You" is the expansive new album from acclaimed contemporary folk artist Ad Vanderveen. With much of the album being written on mandola, the album reaches to the past for a sense of stillness and timelessness. Guest collaborations expand the musical horizons further by contributing pedal steel, violin/viola, electric guitar, bass and drums/percussion, and harmony vocals. Ad Vanderveen's poignant, poetic lyricism and immersive arrangements showcase deep dedication to his craft on "Candle to You", out January 21 on streaming platforms.

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(Introductory notes by Jon C. Ireson / Music-News)

In the realm of modern folk rock, two men stand as pillars influencing the generations who follow. Bob Dylan took the influence of Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams and through the magical transformation of the Greenwich Village stages, made it speak to millions of young adults grasping for sense in senseless times.

Neil Young rose to fame riding a wave of psychedelia with Buffalo Springfield operating out of L.A.'s famous Laurel Canyon. Yet, in his formative years on the Canadian Great Plains, Young drew a lot from Dylan's early folk masterpieces. Once the great wave of the '60s broke, Young would turn hard to folk in the '70s writing some of his most enduring classics.

Today, there is a great deal of that DNA in any given performer that takes up the acoustic guitar to bare their soul. 

Amsterdam-based Ad Vanderveen may have been born thousands of miles from Ohio or Ontario, Minnesota or Manhattan but the man has the lineage of these folk troubadours in his blood. This must have something to do with his Canadian family. On his last record ReleaseVanderveen powerfully and effectively channels the two greats, blending their sonic traits with his own worldly personality to create an album that hits all the right notes of nostalgia, reflection, love, and sense of home that a great folk record should.

This is an artist who studied under the best in his field and with that same energy, produced a welcoming, wistful, and wise entry in the tradition of great folk music. 

Candle To You comes on the heels of the internationally acclaimed 2021 album Release. It offers ten new songs with a distinct sonic signature and atmosphere that is slightly different from Vanderveen’s other work.

AV on Candle To You“The title-track can be considered a humble dedication to both men mentioned above, as well as some other heroes who came before. A tribute while still alive, if you will. As a child of the sixties, growing up in the second line of that revolutionary generation, I see myself as a carrier of the same flame. I’m grateful to see those greats in the frontline still ahead out there today.”

“While some songs are typically acoustic guitar based, a lot of this album was written on the mandola - the mandolin’s older sister,” the singer further explains ”Exploring this instrument led to new horizons and different harmonic settings that seem to emphasize the spaciousness and fluidity in my music.”

Add to that some special reunions after 30/40 years with old band-mates on pedal steel, violin/viola, electric guitar, bass and drums/percussion, and harmony vocals and the result is a natural, open and spontaneous sounding production that marks a sense of renewal within the singer-songwriter’s oeuvre.

As said above, music never comes out of nowhere and is always influenced and inspired by those who came before, but lyrics are something else and Ad Vanderveen very much has his own story to tell. It’s a story of a lifelong search that has a sense of home running through it. One can suspect that over the years he has been closing in on something, although it’s not spelled out literally what that is. It’s a quest of the spirit that holds a promise of finding and coming home, a feeling that many - consciously or subconsciously - may relate to.

The poetry always central to Vanderveen’s work often hints at a bigger picture, expressed through every day events and language, with subjects relevant in any grown-up’s life like; love on individual and universal levels, longing, loss, transience, and acceptance.

Stream public single "Over Time" on Spotify.

Watch the 'Candle to You' music video.

Watch the video for "Miss That World".
Watch the video for "Air Guitar".

More Info:
Artist Name: Ad Vanderveen
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Release Title: Candle To You
Release Date: Jan 21 2022
Label: indie
Musician Names/Instruments:
Ad Vanderveen: vocal, guitars, mandola, harmonica
Kersten de Ligny: harmony vocal
Jan Erik Hoeve: pedal steel
Neil James Morrison: violin, viola
Pete Fisher: bass, percussion
Michael Kay: drums, percussion
Simon Moore: keyboards
Philip Kroonenberg: guest vocal on 3
Producer Name(s): Pete Fisher and Ad Vanderveen
Genre(s): Singer/songwriter/Contemporary Folk/Americana
1 Do What You Love
2 Following The Wind
3 Over Time
4 Candle To You
5 Last Venture
6 All The Way Thing
7 Window In The Rain
8 Miss That World
9 Exit Inside
10 Air Guitar

Press Quotes:
“AD VANDERVEEN; What an excellent singer and songwriter! His songs and his singing carve their own niche in the canon of American song”. Record producer and writer Joe Boyd
“ Ad Vanderveen sings with understated but real emotion. He is an inventive guitarist. He writes with true poetic sensibility. Yet he never sings or plays to merely show off. His music has an honesty and humility that is remarkable”. Singer/songwriter David Olney
“ Ad Vanderveen; How did a Dutch guy inherit the soul of Americana? He is the real thing, a musical adventurer with the true gift of total musicianship. It’s not just that he can write, sing and play his instrument with total versatility and command of his craft…it’s that he draws from the deepest water in the well, the music that speaks of the spirit and the quest for self understanding”. Singer/songwriter Eliza Gilkyson
“ AV’s songs are life itself. No hidden agendas and no punches pulled. He has both the love and adoration of his growing army of convertees and the unwavering respect of his peers”. Singer/songwriter Iain Matthews
“ Ad Vanderveen’s melodic and heartfelt songs slip into your mind like a brand new friend you feel like you’ve already known for years”. Singer/songwriter/novelist Richard Dobson
AD VANDERVEEN-What beautiful songs this man writes. Hailed as one of new folk and roots finest singer-songwriters, Dutch-born, Canadian-raised Ad Vanderveen utterly captivates with expressive, yet steady guitar-led numbers; the swells of harmonica and undercurrent of female harmony underline the songs’ poetic potency. Maverick Magazine, UK 
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Artist Biography:
Biographical notes

Ad Vanderveen has earned a reputation as one of the finest singer/songwriters in the new folk and roots genre. Although born a Dutchman (Hilversum, 1956), half his family are Canadian and it's this part he mostly credits his musical background to.
Since the days before it was called Americana Vanderveen has been exploring his songwriting  muse through a mixture of Rock & Roll, Folk and Country, working in many bands before finding his own voice as a solo artist in the early 90s.

His music covers a wide range of styles; from intimate acoustic songs as a solo performer with singer and companion Kersten de Ligny; to expressive and extensive electric improvisation with his garage-band The O'Neils, as well as everything inbetween.

Over the years Ad has built up an impressive catalog of 30+ solo Cds and numerous side-projects, working with many great musicians all over the world such as: Al Kooper, Al Perkins, Leland Sklar, Herman Brood, Flaco Jimenez, Iain Matthews, Eliza Gilkyson, Eric Andersen, John Gorka, David Olney, to drop a few names.
In 2017, after hearing Vanderveen’s album ‘Worlds Within’, none other than Van Morrison personally invited him as an opening act.
Ad Vanderveen's live and record performances have garnered him high praise from critics as well as from a long list of renowned colleagues. His excellent reputation as a singer/songwriter/performer is spreading, both in the old world and the new.